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Compression Molding Presses

Composite Applications

Butatek provides custom hydraulic presses for fiber reinforced plastics. These presses are most suitable to produce the following type of parts:

SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) components

GMT (Glass Mat Thermoplastics) components

LFT-D (Long Fiber Thermoplastic - Direct) components

RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) components

BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) components

These presses are widely used in aerospace, railways, automotive, ship building, electronics, recreation & sports, and the construction industry.

The special features of our compression molding presses are as follows:

  • Dynamic Active Slide Parallel Leveling System

  • Special hydraulic circuits for short pressure built up times

  • Vacuum Systems

  • In-mold coating features

  • Temperature regulation program and auxiliary circuits

  • Positioning regulation systems during closing

  • Fully Controlled speed profiles

  • Servo drives and accumulator drives for efficient and low energy consumption

  • User friendly control system of the press for flexible production runs

Automation and complete turnkey Composite part lines

We are your single source supplier for complete turnkey lines for composite fiber reinforced press lines. A wide range of equipment is integrated together and offered fully automated. Examples of automation features are:

  • Robots, Pick and Place Units

  • Pre Cutting equipment

  • Component assembly solutions

  • Automated self driving die carts

  • Quick die change systems

  • Conveyors

  • Heating units

  • In-mold coating systems

  • Vacuum units

  • Furnace and feeding platforms for GMT lines

  • Twin screw extrusion unit for LFT-D lines

Compression Molding Presses

Factory commissioning of 2000 Ton SMC Molding Press. This press is commissioned at a customer in USA

Compression Molding Presses

2400 Ton Press with In-mold Coating and Dynamic Active Slide Parallel Leveling installed at global Tier 1 customer

Compression Molding Presses

3500 Ton Press with In-mold Coating and Dynamic Active Slide Parallel Leveling installed at a USA customer factory

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