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Hydraulic Presses

for virtually any application

We provide hydraulic presses in a wide variety of standard capacities and configurations, or you can build your own custom press or a turnkey press line. Capacities range from 10 Tons to 50,000 Tons. Yes, that is right –this is one of the largest capacity ranges offered by a single distributor. With more than 50 hydraulic press installations across North America ranging from 50 Tons to a massive 17,500 Ton press, you can rely on the state-of-the-art high quality hydraulic presses that we provide combined with our strong ability to provide local technical sales and service support anywhere in North America.

1200Ton automatic stamping line.jpg

1200 Ton Deep Draw Press Turnkey Line

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We offer several frame configurations depending on the application of the press. Depending on your specific application, we will offer the most suitable frame style to you. In case, you have a special requirement, our sales and application engineers will help you select the most suitable frame style to ensure maximum stability and rigidity ensuring least deflection to enable high quality part production.



Four Post

Four post presses are suitable for a variety of press applications. This frame design offers access from all four sides of the press enabling flexible automation, auto feeding, and easier integration with auxiliary equipment. The frame is engineered and optimized on CAD and CAE software to ensure most rigidity. The mainframe consists of the top crown, bed, slide, tie rods, cylinders, platform, etc.


The top crown, slide, and bed are fabricated out of superior quality steel plates, thermally stress relieved, and precisely machined in single setting to guarantee flatness, parallelism, and perpendicularity as per test charts. The non-ferrous guide bushes that enable the movement of slide on the tie rods are of generous length to ensure maximum stability and rigidity.

Straight sided with Tie Rod

H Frame press with tie rods also known as combined pre-stressed frame construction is most suitable for high end complex part production where the frame may experience eccentric loading. Typically, these presses are offered with 4gib, 8 gib, 16 gib, 32 gib guiding surfaces depending on the application. The 16 and 32 gibs are provided in large hydraulic forging presses and 4gib and 8gib are typically provided in compression molding and sheet stamping applications. This frame style is used for a variety of press applications.


The main frame is a combined structure, thermally stress relieved to eliminate inner stresses after welding. The frame is engineered and optimized on CAD and CAE software to ensure most rigidity. The columns are assembled and pre-tightened together with the upper and lower beam as one body through carefully chosen, adequately designed tie rods and nuts.

Hydraulic press heavy machine and factory interior.jpg

Gap Frame

Gap frame of C frame presses are offered in multiple models offering many standard and optional features. This frame structure is usually adopted for lower tonnage models with an exception of large combined c frame structures used for plate bending and straightening applications in the ship building industry. Mostly, gap frame presses are offered up to 315 tons capacity. he frame is engineered and optimized on CAD and CAE software to ensure most rigidity. Main frame consists of a single unit C structure with a slide plate with round guide rods and a cylinder unit.

Welded Straight Sided or Monolithic Frame

This frame structure is also called an integrated frame type, welded steel plates, thermally stress relieved to eliminate inner stresses after welding. The frame is engineered and optimized on CAD and CAE software to ensure most rigidity. The most precise and reliable guiding of the slide is adopted with adjustable wedges to compensate for gaps cause by mechanical wear. This frame structure is highly rigid and may be used for high end complex applications.

10000Ton ring forging press with ring ro



Technology and design of presses is continually evolving to meet the demands of complex part designs and production requirements of today’s factories. We promise to deliver the most technologically advanced presses that are built for the future. There are a number of superior technical features in the hydraulic presses that we offer which differentiate us from the competition:

  • Dynamic active parallel levelling of the slide

  • Dynamic cushions for deep draw applications

  • Special cylinder to slide joining in cylindrical way

  • Extreme precise control of speed and pressure

  • Quick die changing systems

  • Reliable safety features

Contact us today to understand the technical advantage we bring to your specific application!




Hydraulic system is offered in a variety of configurations depending on the application of hydraulic press. Variable frequency drive, servo motors, servo valves, servo proportional valves, accumulator drive systems, fluid contamination monitoring system are some of the elements incorporated to ensure precise control and most productivity and quality. All hydraulic components and pipelines are designed on 3D cad. System is designed to ensure lowest noise and leakages coming out of the hydraulic system. The powerpacks can be mounted on top of the press, in the pit, or on the floor level. All hydraulic components used are internationally available and sourced from the most reputed hydraulic component manufactures like:










Oil gear





The control system is offered and built to be very flexible, user friendly, and process oriented with amazing data acquisition capabilities. We specialize in providing stand alone presses or a complete turnkey press line. The Control system can be designed and configured for a stand alone press or a complex turnkey line consisting of various equipment. All electrical wiriing in the cabinet and field are laid out on CAD to efficiently design the system. 


With the ability to monitor up to 90-95% of the press parameters including advanced maintenance, remote diagnostics, and fault-finding features, you can rely on Tianduan's advanced control system technology. The electrical control system is built using the most renowned electrical and electronics component manufacturers such as:






Allen Bradly





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