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Isothermal Forging Presses

There are not many companies that offer Isothermal Forging Presses. With multiple installations around the world, we are proud to offer Isothermal forging presses for your toughest Aerospace forged components. 

Our isothermal presses are able to achieve:

  • micro-speed adjustment range of the isothermal forging equipments can reach 1-0.001 mm/s.

  • the strain rate of isothermal forging should be accurately controlled in the range of 10-4-10-1/s.

There is a huge significance of isothermal presses to the aerospace industry. 

  • The materials used for aerospace are becoming more and more resistant to high temperature and difficult to deform.

  • One of the most reliable key technologies for the production of new powder metallurgy super alloy turbine discs, TiAl and other intermetallic compound blades.

  • The material has the best forming performance in superplasticforming

  • Produce complex shape parts which require multi-process.

  • Produce multiple parts at one time, which can reduce the processing allowance and realize near net forming of components.

Isothermal Forging Presses

20,000 Ton Isothermal Forging Press

Isothermal Forging Presses

30,000 Ton Isothermal Forging Press

Isothermal Forging Presses
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